Enjoy fresh Rolls (including Multigrain) daily, eggs, cereal, cold cuts with fresh and smoked ham, salami and cheese. Also we serve juices and, of course, coffee, tea or cocoa.
If you would like to book breakfast for yourself or a group, please book in advance.
Call us or use the contact form.
Diet products or gluten-free bread can also be offered on request.

Hotel & Restaurant Alt-Montjoie
Telefon +49 (0)2472 3289 Fax 3989 Email info(at)

Restaurant & Bistro

Bistro/Restaurant/Café with 60 Indoor Spaces and two Terraces with a further 120 Seats

The Restaurant, Café and Bistro Alt Monschau offers unbeatable freshness throughout the day

Wide range of sweet treats, fresh salads, local specialities and appetizers

German and Belgium Beer from the barrel or bottled

Regional Specialities

Monschau is located at the edge of Germany and as typical for a "Border Region", at the Alt Montjoie the cuisine is characterized by the Francon-Belgian way of life, paired with hearty specialities from the Eifel.
The menue varies by season. Strawberries in spring, plenty of asparagus dishes, trout from Belgium, pork Haxes with the famous German Sauerkraut, game from the Ardennes in autumn and winter and of course the Monschauer Mustard Soup made of the unique Monschauer Mustard

Contact us, we will be happy to provide further details.